Opposite Box – 2018 Rebranding

Opposite Box is Chattanooga’s local “Belligerent Jungle Funk” band, and I’m working with them to redesign the visual components of their marketing as they embark on a new tour in 2018.

I began by redesigning their logo. Drawing inspiration from funk music and the typography of the 1970’s, I sought to marry those influences with the curls and stripe patterns of animal tails and jungle vines. The indentations in the text also suggest tiger stripes and the layout of black piano keys (which always come in groups of two or three). This is because the electric keyboard is crucial to Opposite Box’s instrumentation.

I designed and illustrated a series of stickers as well, based on a concept the band themselves created. In the illustration the pigeon, fish, and mouse are each imbued with their own private significance. Opposite Box enjoyed this illustration so much that they next requested I create a tour poster around the same image. This time I was given total freedom to depict the Tiger in whatever setting I wanted, so I imagined him soaring above the jungle on a magical flying cloud. I included a waterfall for reasons both practical and aesthetic: the waterfall creates negative space in which I insert tour info, and the lines of the waterfall also allowed me to take advantage of my poster’s cool foreshortened perspective above the jungle.